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looking out for sarah

Looking Out for Sarah
Written and illustrated by Glenna Lang

Charlesbridge Publishing

The story of Sarah and her guide dog Perry follows these best friends through a day in their lives. Perry, like all Labrador retrievers, is mellow and friendly, likes to chase balls, and has a talent for finding food. But he always takes his job of looking out for Sarah very seriously. Through Perry’s eyes, we see Sarah’s busy life as a musician and teacher, her three-hundred mile walk to raise awareness about guide dogs, and Perry’s lovable and sometimes humorous nature.

This book is based on a real guide dog named Perry and his real owner, Sarah Gregory Smith.

Awards and Honors:
American Library Association’s Schneider Family Book Award
Massachusetts Guide Dog Users Association Award
Dog Writers Association of America Award
Young Hoosier Award Nominee

Available in hardcover and paperback in bookstores (and in braille from the National Braille Press) or from

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