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Genius of Common Sense: The Story of Jane Jacobs and The Death and Life of Great American Cities
Written & illustrated by Glenna Lang & Marjory Wunsch

David R. Godine, Publisher

"A collection of reviews of Death and Life" in
Chapter Ten: The Impact of Death and Life

Praise for Genius of Comon Sense:
Better known in Canada, where she moved in 1968, Jacobs may be unfamiliar to many teens, but she is definitely worthy of their attention. Lang and Wunsch have done readers a service in introducing her so effectively, including black-and-white photos and drawings as well as diagrams to augment their text. Push during Women’s History Month and at every other opportunity.
—MARY-KATE FIGUR, Kirkus Reviews

[The book’s] only visible concessions to its intended [young adult] audience are concision, an abundance of nicely chosen illustrations, and a tendency to steer away from abstractions. Labels aside, those who need to know Jacobs and her masterwork, but who can't take the time for her own wonderfully lucid writings, may find a reasonable substitute here.
—HAROLD HENDERSON, Planning magazine

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